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Ivory Coast Elections


My candidate for this election is Alassane Ouattara. If I said this to people especially  since I come from the village of Man, which is one of the regions the rebels seized in 2001 during the war, many people would insult me. Alassane, as people say was behind the whole coup, and that he was trying to get revenge on the ivorians. Whether this is true or not, I am still searching for the truth.  It is true that millions of civillians from these villages were masacred and sometimes I get this gut feeling of wanting to get my revenge on every man  who killed those civilians., but these people are dead, what can I do? 

The reason I decided my candidate was Alassane is because when I went back to Ivory Coast last summer, I was torn becasue the country was such in a bad shape that you can not believe it. First the country smelled so bad, and it did because no one in the government knew what to do with the garbage. So it was there and no one did anything about it. Second the food was so expensive. For example milk, i think milk should be a reasonable price so other people can afford it. Milk is good for a person body system, and so it should not be very expensive. Another thing is that there is no control of anything whatsoever. For example, my grandmother told me that since Gbagbo had kicked out the french during the war , he was employing Chinese people who did terribe things like creating medicines that the governement had no idea existed, and people are dying. My grandmother told me a man lost all his intestines after taking those medicines. And he died. Ever since Gbagbo has come into power, everything fell: the economy, healthcare etc.

I think that African presidents should work with European presidents because in the end even though many africans are anti- imperialist they do not understand that  when you are in a situation where you don't even create your own money and it is those" europeans" that do , then you should stop with the pride thing. Gbagbo says we should stop relying on the french and he is right, but we have to able to create our own food! we don't export anything except cocoa. If Gbagbo helped create different institutions that helped us as Ivorians become more autonomous, then it would help us.  People say , "oh well there was a war', and they are right, but its been  9 years since he has been president, and it does not take much does it? Not only do I have a problem with the "no control" approach to  the country, I also hate the fact that there are no jobs for young people in the country. If you graduate from college, you should at least be able to get a job, but not in Ivory Coast;  Unless you have connections, All the young people are in bars drinking, and stay at home doing nothing. No one is encouraged. 

I think Alassane would change things because he is an economist and he would help the economy. When he was Prime Minister, my mom said he created cards that would be given to you, if you were a foreigner , and that would distinguish who is who. The best part is that it worked!  He looks interesting. It's funny but I think that what my world politics teacher said was true: if there is a country with a big population of unproductive people, there is a problem. He is totallly right, because look at the mess we were and now. It's stupid, and things have to change.

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